Black Book Of Secrets

Black Book of Secrets

Ludolw Fitch woke up trying to resist to get his teeth pulled for money. His mom over him seeing if he was awake his dad was right next to her. Ludolw opened his eyes he regretted that he opened his eyes. The dentist started pulling his teeth one by one. Finally they got to the front of his teeth the pain was so powerful he jumped up. Ludolw kicked his father in his stomach his dad fell on the floor. Ludolw started running he ran and ran till he saw a carriage he jumped on it and it drove away.When he got their he ended out in a country called Pagus Parves.He started walking and he met a guy called Joe Zabbioue. Joe said he was also going away from his home and Ludolw and Joe walked together till they found an abundant hat store so they went their.They slept their nights and stayed their days Joe told Ludolw he was a pawnbroker so he started a shop to pawn things.Everybody love Joe except a mean old guy (he hated every body) the mean guy always tried to ruin Joe's store.One day Joe told Ludolw that he wasn't just a pawnbroker he was also a secret pawnbroker. How he did it was he went to people that they thought they had the darkest secrets ever and then he would write it and if the people wanted they could sell it for money. So Joe and Ludolw started to do it and together they made money and solved more people secrets.

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