Savant Energy – Innovative Energy Solutions

Savant Energy is an Adelaide based business, which maintains powerful relations with the key energy players in this state to ensure that its knowledge of supply charges, network tariffs and upcoming changes is current and precise.

Richard Mintz is the principal Director of Savant Energy, who brings his practical hands-on experience with a depth of knowledge to handle large energy projects. His extensive business qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Adelaide, where he served as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst and Young and an MBA from the University of Adelaide. He is also a co-owner of the highly regarded Two Hands Wines and was previously the Managing Director of Love Energy. His immense in-depth accounting, financial modeling and energy efficiency knowledge, makes him right person to advise companies on their energy needs and requirements.

With considerable experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency, he has delivered many papers and presentations on the subject. Especially his comprehensive knowledge of the unique and multiple network tariffs as levied by South Australian Power Networks (SAPN) means that he is particularly well placed to provide guidance to South Australian energy consumers on this most intricate area.

Energy Cost Advisory

Savant Energy is an advisory firm that maps electricity reduction alternatives, putting their power into your hands. Our energy cost advisory process entails comprehensive cost reduction services such as contract negotiation, bill validation, energy tariff reviews, industry case studies and up-to-date reporting. All of these services are built with the aim of providing cheaper energy, error-free billing, multi-site operations and consistent decisions regarding energy cost reduction strategy. We undertake detailed modeling and financial analysis of all options to ensure you receive sound advice that takes into account all variables, from network cost and access constraints to supply arrangements and tariff structures.

Project Development

Our Highly qualified and focused team develops power generation solutions for major electricity users throughout Australia. By primarily focusing on voltage optimization or power factor correction, our energy management solutions can reduce energy costs by up to 18%.

Embedded Networks

Savant Energy provides efficient solutions for the establishment and ongoing management of Embedded Networks to facilitate energy on-selling. Our Energy on-selling allows Embedded Network owners to purchase energy in bulk and on-sell to the occupants within their Embedded Network at low-costs. Our Embedded Network services include identification, evaluation, monitoring, project funding, monthly billing and financial responsibility for the profitability of the Embedded Network.

Private Equity

As a professional support to businesses in Australia, we provide private equity investment in the energy sector by providing services such as demand management, metering, or brokering and advisory services. Other than funding, we also offer the extensive board-level strategic experience that is required to grow and shape a private equity investment.

Our all of the above innovative energy solutions are market-tested that provides value-driven consulting support to customers. Savant Energy strives hard to provide a sound advice that is based on an understanding of fundamental economic drivers shaped by electricity market structures, regulatory frameworks, generation technologies, government policies and market behavior.

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