Editing/Making Video's on YouTube! / Videographer

This is what a youtube channel art looks like this will engage someones attention to watch you!!!


Job Discription

I know most of you will think that doing this type of job is silly or you make any money off of it. But what you didn't know it that doing video's for YouTube and getting your fanbase going is really fun being able to make and edit the videos it a lot of fun. Thats whats we need we can't hate our job we have to enjoy it and this is something I enjoy doing. Now let me answer the question you all have, "Do you get paid?" yes, yes you do once you have a fanbase of 1,000 subscribers you start getting paid but I know to you guys that seems like a lot but if you keep improving you skills in editing you will get to 1,000 in no time!

Reports to

To:YouTube company email for any problems. They will always be there to help. Also if you need any help always use your resources like google, youtube, and etc.

Job Purpose

We don't exactly need this job but believe it or not it actually is a job a lot of people probably won't actually think it is but it is. Something depending on who you watch you can get tutorials on many things it can answer many of your question. Many people around the world do this for a job and can still pay their bills!!! Some people on youtubetube (YouTubers React) which is a popular channel on youtube wher they have youtubers react to fifferent videos and games they make a lot of money and have 14,000,000 sunscribers!

Duties & Responsilbilities

Knowing the good and the bad about making video's like to be safe and make video's that are safe for others to watch. Being consistent on making them scheduled so people keep on coming back to watch them. Making them entertaining.


  • Education- High School Diploma / Technology class can be a good class to really focus on in college.
  • Technology Skills (Very Important)- Have to know how to use computers and different kinds of technology. Know how to use different types of computers and cameras. Using social Media.
  • Abilities- Have to know how to accsess the internet. Know how to use different editing sorces like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro X/10 , etc.Knowing how to use different cameras, tripods, memorycards, and microphones.
  • Personal Characteristics- Willing to work hard, Be outgoing, Have good ideas!
  • Resources

    Picture of my channel art I own!!!!

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    2 years ago

    That sounds like a job you would enjoy it seems to suit you well!

    2 years ago

    That sounds like a cool and fun job!

    2 years ago

    This is the best tacky you are going to be a fantastic videographer 😍 😎