When Fear Strikes

Helpful Tips

1. Start at the beginning.

Forget about the end results, or at least take your laser focus off of it long enough to determine what the first step might be. Just focus on the first step and start there.

2. Remember that small steps count too.

Your brain, ego, or that limiting part within will try to convince you that your steps are too small. Every accomplishment is made up of small steps made over and over again. Each action step doesn't have to be big in conquering your fears.

3. Realize it's not how you feel; it's what you do.

You don't have to feel afraid while you take your action steps. It's the steps that count, not how you feel when you take them.

4. Get high on taking action.

There is a magically wonderful high that occurs after you've taken action that you were afraid to take. Use that high to your advantage. Make it an incentive that helps handle the fear of taking another step.

5. Know that action builds confidence.

Have confidence in your ability to learn new things, handle mistakes, work toward and achieve goals, and meet new people. Action had many unintended opportunities for growth beyond the specific area we decide to work on. Take all actions to overcome your fear.

How to Conquer Your Fears

Mind Over Matter

When trying to conquer your fears, use your mind to determine what is real and how to fix the fears.

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