Julia Patterson

Above this text happens to be a picture of books. The reason for the various books  is: I enjoy reading! Yes, most of you sigh and dread just the thought of a 500 pager, but I burst out in excitement  ( on the inside at least ).  So, yes, reading brings information which becomes overall knowledge ( which all helps us in the long run ). Which is odd I say that because, as a reader, I prefer fiction to non-fiction novels.

Three Interesting Things


Do you find this picture odd? Well it just happens to be cover art for my favorite band : Ghost Town ( this particular one is for the song Acid ). Music for me at least, has been a good part of me for about a year or two now, especially since I stopped listening to the pop music that most of you like. After I started listening to bands such as Three days Grace, Asking Alexandria, and others, later on I moved to ( what I consider ) harder bands such as Get Scared. And currently ( in the last few days ) I've been listening to Joel Faviere, who has worked with Get Scared but is usually a solo artist.


           I know I'm a geek for admitting this, but I absolutely love anime! Above is a picture from my all time favorite anime called Black Butler ( Kuroshitsuji in japenese, and currently in the manga it's at chapter 96, so it's sadly uncompleted ). Why do such animated shows matter so much to me? The creative plots and beautiful characters are usually what hook me, although I will admit to watching some pretty funny ones which usually have a weak plot. And if given I will do what I consider binge watch ( and yes one time I stayed up until 5 in the morning, and thankfully it was summer so I had no responsibilities ).


        To me all of my friends are who make me. They are the things that help me when I need it and leave me alone when I want to be. They are amazing people who I couldn't see why or how anyone could hate them. Why do they mean so much to me? Simply because  they actually care about me, even though sometimes I don't even know how or why they deal with everything I do. Even after all the fights and drama that comes out of having friends, I still love them.

My goals

1. One of my main goals is to obtain honor role throughout High School.
My way of being able to handle that while in all honors classes: studying. For example, I have a Chemistry test on next Friday which I will study for anywhere form thirty minutes to one hour a day ( for the 7 days that are left ) and that will insure that I do well.

2. Going to and completing college.
In the end your education in life decides if you can get a decent job, and just secondary schooling doesn't cut it. I am aware that going to and completing college will be hard, especially if I plan on getting good grades while in college, but for that exact reason I plan to have a strong work ethic so I can get assignments done and do well on exams. As of right now I am considering either Mercyhurst or Edinboro as possible campuses.

3. Moving away.
Yes, I know Girard's a nice place, but I don't plan on staying here for my whole life. I actually plan on moving to California, after college of course.

Place to visit

     Oh the beauty of the Eiffel Tower is overwhelming! This famous landmark resides in France, and as you can see is very large. Why do I want to visit Paris? Is it for the culinary experiences? The shopping? No, the main reason is because of my mother. When she was in high school she took French and at the end of her third class she was allowed to be able to go on a trip with the class to Paris. Sadly she didn't have enough money to go so she stayed home. I want to take her and watch her light up as she sees all the landmarks and learns the history. Although I'll have to take French class because she forgot ninety percent of it, I don't mind. Just the idea of her having fun there, is just mind blowing.

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