Tommy Deus

the man everyone looks up to

Hated by most loved by few Tommy  dropped out of school at the age of 19. Confident enough that he would easily make it out there on his own. and boy was he right. He set up a company called Contain Me which collected old abandoned containers fixed them and sold them on. At the age of 20 he already made his first million. Contain Me was bought by Maersk in 2020 when Tommy was at the age of 21 for 10.3 million euros. After selling the company Tommy decided to change his last name to Deus (latin for god). A 21 year called god, with about 11 million in the bank after a years work, as you could imagine he started becoming more and more famous. It wasn't long after he sold his container company before he spotted his next money fountain. He got some inside intel from a colleague that there was a fresh oil pit nobody knew about under Bolomba Congo. He went there the minute he heard to see if the intel was true because at the time there was no one Tommy could trust being one of the most selfish and cocky people alive. However as He reached Bolomba and saw with his own eyes a pit of dark blue sludge he already saw  the amount of money he could make. Tommy brought an oil specialist to Congo with him at the time, according to the specialist there was about 50 million worth of oil underneath what Tommy called 'this useless piece of crap' or as most people know it Bolomba.    

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