Top Ten Internet Safety Rules

#10 Always ask your parents before giving out your name, address, phone number, etc.

#9 Always ask a guardian if a certain site you haven’t been on is safe or not.

#8 Never share your password with ANYONE not even your best friends only parents!

#7 Never meet someone you haven’t met that is a random stranger off the internet.

#6 Do not download anything unusual unless you have talked with guardian or surperviser.

#5 When typing a link, don’t forget to type httpS, the S is important because it usually stands for safety.

#4 Check with parents or guardian before posting pictures of your self on the internet worldwide!

#3 Never respond to rude or mean comments or comments that make you fell uncomfortable.

#2 Use Privacy setting For The internet.

#1 And never click on the flashing buttons on the internet with it saying win $1000 and that usually says its no scam because they are hooking you into getting your personal information!

The internet is sometimes very dangerous when it comes to not following certain rules. The internet can most likely hack or spam your computer which i know you don't want nothing to happen to it. These 3 buttons above is most of the information i told you at the top of the page of the 10 most important rules that need to be followed on the internet to keep you safe. And as well as if you feel uncomfortable of the questions your being asked on the internet, then that person is not who you probably think he/she is! These rules can actually keep you safe for the rest of your life on the internet. I used these rules all my life and never got harmed so stick to these rules and you will be safe from the internet!

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