Road Safety: Raising Awareness

What do I mean by ROAD SAFETY let me show you..

If you get a text message while you are driving whether it be at a red light or a driving on an empty road. LEAVE IT ALONE pay attention on the road not you're phone the text message will still be there when you get to where you were headed but if you do end up texting back one of those body bags might be you or someone you know.  More than 3,000 teens die each year in crashes caused by texting while driving. Approximately 2,700 teens are killed in drunk driving accidents. More than 50 percent of teens admit to texting while driving. This message as been said enough to every teenager today lets not repeat it every year so it gets in our heads that we CAN destroy our lives and the people who love us. Please keep you're phone somewhere you can't see it or can't reach it. Or better yet DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE

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