Gabe Williams' review of
Fear by R.L Stine

Fear by R.L. Stine is a collection of 13 short stories written by 13 different authors. They have put a lot of horror and terror into their writing. Each story in the book is scary. You might want to start this with a scream because after you read this you will be running and running from your worst fears.

          “Suckers” a story written by Suzanne Weyn is about a boy named Phil and his family going to a planet called Lectus. Mysterious events happen there. (Such as insecticide in the air.) While you read you will think “How did these events happen?” While you figure out how, you will get hooked to this story! Main characters: Phil and Etchina Phil goes to Lectus (A small planet.) Only to realize that people on Lectus are being treated like fleas.  Phil’s crush: Etchina, Phil’s dad dies from the mysterious events on Lectus.

        Most stories you read might have only 5 or so stories, But, Fear by R.L. Stine has 13! Fear’s stories will sweep you off your feet! With stories from, R.L. Stine, Heather Graham, Tim Maleeny and more famous authors these stories ought to make you hide with your pillow over your head!

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