Rube Goldberg Machine
Choosing my project (Entry #1)


Q: What did you chose?

A: Rube Goldberg Machine

Q: Why did you chose it?

A: So i can show my creativity, while seeing what my partner thinks and creates as well.

Q:What do you want to learn?

A: I want to learn how to make a Rube Goldberg easily.

Q: Would i like to do this as a career?

A: No, because i don't see myself going into engineering (It would take a long time)

Into research(planning ) (entry #2)

What did i do to further investigate my project?

I went to Youtube to watch videos of homemade Rube Goldberg machines or ideas, to get my mind thinking. I also looked up photos of Rube Goldberg machines.

Further introduction research (entry #3)

What did i do to plan/learn about my project?

I watched videos that showed me new ideas (like a hammer hitting a track, which makes a marble roll) and drew a rough draft of our ideas. We also visited a few websites for more ideas.  (like

Questions answered (Entry #4)

What did you do (specifically)?

We started to test how everything would work, like the zip line. We also had to set up some things differently because of the errors we had(example: lever).

What questions did you answer about how to complete your project?

We answered questions about how we did the project, our process, and our learning experience. We also answered some questions about what we had to fix and how we fixed it.

What you are finding out while doing your project (Entry #5-6)

I am finding out that it takes patients and time to get each stage right. Your idea doesn't work on the first try, so you need to experiment with the materials you have. For example, the lever wouldn't work right on the first try.

What special terms (technical) do you need to know? (entry #6-7)

We need to know force, motion ,and acceleration. Force: Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement, Motion: The action or process of moving or being moved, and Acceleration: Increase in the rate or speed of something.

New questions and information(entry#8)

We didn't really have any questions or information that we needed to research.  Everything is going pretty well.

Technical parts of your project

We have a zip line is technical because it is harder to handle, you need to make sure it slides easily and make sure it gets to the spot you want it to go to and when you want it there.

Tech stuff, part 2

We have the pulley that reveals a sign at the end and it is technical because it takes a lot of trial and error for the sign to reveal and work at the time we need it to, also the process of making it can take a bit longer than most objects in our machine.

What we did today.

Today we were testing out our track and repositioning it( we needed to levitate it). We are also making sure that everything is working right.

Entry #12

Today we started to build our machine and we needed to move the position of the tube again and make sure our objects are more accurate. Our tube was not helping the ball roll, so we had to position it diagonally.

Entry #13

Today we made a pulley system to reveal a sign,  but now we are second guessing the progress of it. It isn't working well because it won't stay in one place to let the ball roll into the cup attached to it.

Where do you go from here?(#14-15)

So far we have neglected the lever in our machine and we have moved the track up higher than usual. We took out the lever because we thought it wouldn't be as accurate, and we moved the track so it would be easier to roll down. The next day...... Today we built everything and it worked 6/10 times. WE are trying to make it so it at least works 9/10 times.

what are you accomplishing now?(#16)

At the beginning of our building, we had to get rid of things or reposition things. Now it is so much easier because we have the full picture in our heads and it is pretty accurate. We have a lot done and it is not taking very long to build.

Did it work? (#17)

The picture we had in our heads at the beginning of the project is different than what we have now, but once we made modifications, it turned out like we wanted it to be with the picture we had in our heads after we realized that the first idea hadn't worked. In total we repositioned our track, repositioned our zip-line, took out the lever, and took out the book, the reasons for this would be because it isn't accurate or it wouldn't work at all.

Reflections(Entry #18)

I learned that making a Rube Goldberg machine is not easy, it is very time consuming, you have many trial and errors, and it needs to be accurate.

          Our project turned out to be pretty good, after a bunch of changes in our project it finally worked out. We had to take out objects, move them around, and put new ideas in. In total we had to take out the lever, book, sign, reposition the track, levitate the zip line, and design another machine after finding out our first one wasn't accurate and wouldn't work.

         Personally i would not go into this subject as a job because of the time and the repeated trial and error. It did get frustrating sometimes because of the constant errors.

         I do not wish i did another project because it made me see how you can take things around the house to create an activity for you, it is pretty fun to see what you can actually do. It would have been interesting to see what other did, but i feel happy with our machine.

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I love the science vocabulary that you used in entry 6-7 and your plans looks awesome!

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thank you!