Life is a hourglass

Life will hit its lowest point

And someone can turn it around

Life can hit the bottom

And you can at least hope someone will give a second chance.

You can make every memory you knew possible

Until the inevitable end comes into play.

You have every opportunity to rejoice in what good you have

Every year, day, hour and second can be powerful in your own way.

You may never know when the time will run out

Tomorrow is never promised.

You can choose to live a life of every dream and wish you ever threw upon yourself

Or you can throw everything away.

What would you choose?

To be happy over the good you have and live in peace

Or would you take every bad thing in your life and put yourself into misery.

You can choose to live in such a way that some envy you over your joy

But you can choose to be something people condone every day.

Tomorrow is never promised


Life is a hourglass.  

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