My  Portfolio

By: Jordyn Johnson

There are 8 habits of highly effective teens. The first habit is Be Proactive. This means that you are in charge of your own actions. The second habit is Begin with the end in mind. This means that you can envision in your mind your life. Its based on principal of life. The third habit is Put First Things First. This means that you should put the important things because the non-important things. The fourth habit is Think-win-win. This means that no matter what the situation is, everyone can win. The fifth habit is Seek first to Understand, Then to be Understood. This means to listen first then speak. The sixth habit is Synergize. This means that two heads are better than one. The seventh habit is Sharpen the Saw. This means having a balance life. The final habit; habit #8 is finding your voice. This means to find your talents and speak up. The purpose of this portfolio is to display what the 8 habits mean.

Habit 1

Habit 1; Being proactive in my own words means that you are in charge or your own actions. You choose the way you act and everything; you are in charge of your own life; you know right from wrong.  I was recently proactive when my cousins where here during Thanksgiving. Something bad happened and instead of me getting mad, I thought of a way to be proactive and not react. I plan to be proactive about my future and my school work.

Habit 2

Habit 2; Begin with the end in mind; I demonstrated this habit when I sometimes begin to think that i'm not capable or can't do what I wanted to do. But, I realize that everything is created with a purpose as in tough situations where you think you should give up and you have failed was put in your life so you can learn from your mistakes and overcome those tough situations. I would want my teachers to remember about me once I graduate is that i'm a good person; eager to learn; and that I love to learn new things. A persons lack of success because they did not plan can lead to no college degree, bad job or no job at all, lack of cynicism, and more.  

Habit 3

I use planners, agenda's, calenders, alarm clocks, I plan ahead and that's how I prepare for my day.  I put important things first before

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