America's Greatest Rocket scientist

by Linta Roy


Robert Hutchings Goddard was an American rocket scientist. He mostly helped Americans in developing rocket engines for aeroplanes. This amazing scientist was born in Worcester,Massachusetts October 5th 1882. In 1945 August 10th he died from a throat cancer. Robert was interested in space when he read "War Of The World".  He was  interested in science when he was five years old.


People thought it was impossible to fly to the moon so, Robert wrote a report about flying to the moon then he actually went to the moon and Mars, although he wasn't the first person. He was called father of rocketry. He was  always looking for funding to build a rocket.


He was mostly famous for inventing the first liquid-fuel rocket in 1914. Then Robert launched the rocket in 1926. It went 60miles and 97km per hour. Also it climbed 41 feet high. Finally the rocket landed 184 feet(56m) away. Although he still did not get lots of awards, trophies or honours, Robert still didn't give up.


Robert Hutchings Goddard was only given awards, trophies and honours after he died. Robert  developed 214 inventions to do with rockets. Robert and his team launched 34 rockets between. He was still mostly famous for inventing the first liquid-fuel