Introducing YOSSARIAN

The multi-National, multi-lingual Yossarian are a band whose every track ebbs and flows, chameleon-like from one idiom to another, never quite defining who you think they are. They have been labeled as “Alternative Rock” but this already does them a disservice. There is no catch in Yossarian, you just have to accept that they are intentionally paradoxical.

Just when you think you can categorise them as Alternative-Post Rock in tracks like Cloud Watching from their soon to be released second album ‘Light Up My Head’ and Arrow Part 1 from their debut album ‘The Little We Know’, they then challenge your perception through Monolith Acts I, II, & III, a meandering epic in the vein of Pink Floyd’s Shine on you Crazy Diamond.

So who are Yossarian?

Just as you would expect, that is also difficult to pin down. There is no doubt that the creative inspiration lies with Ash Spencer and Joaquin Rodriguez San Pedro, who alongside Sam Vanderpol and Morgan 'Beats' Griffiths, formed the band in 2009.

The early years followed the time-honoured tradition of criss-crossing the UK in an old school bus, gathering a loyal fan base that would earn them slots at festivals such as Hop Farm and Field Day, leading them on to international recognition.

Armed with a clutch of self-penned songs they then headed into the studio, following a successful crowd funding campaign, to record their first masterpiece ‘The Little We Know’.

Yossarian Playing Field Day Festival 2015

It was around this time that the collective that has become Yossarian started to emerge, as Ash and Joaquin state:

“We are constantly seeking to evolve our sound collaborating with other musicians. Working in the studio allowed us to paint on a much broader canvas than when being stuck in a van on the road, giving us the opportunity to work with string, brass and percussion sections, as well as experiment with synths and electronic sounds.

The challenge now is being able to replicate this on the road. One of the ways we do this is by inviting local musicians to join us, as and when required. As such, the live band now consists of Joaquin on guitars, Sam Wallace on drums, and myself on vocals, often joined by Chris Brambley and Keir Cooper on guitars and Sam Vanderpol on keys, with others joining the collective from time to time. We are excited to have Melbournian guitarist Harrison Tanti joining us for our Australian tour this Summer.’

With Ash hailing from England, Joaquin from Argentina and Sam from Australia, the contrasting cultural backgrounds of the band have themselves added to the international appeal of Yossarian.

Following rave reviews of both the album and their UK Festival performances, European invitations followed, as well as Australian with Yossarian heading back at the end of 2016 for another Australian tour.

"Majestic alt-rock for fans of Grizzly Bear, The National and Pink Floyd." Time Out

"Yossarian do a dense, cloud-gathering view of the world. And they do it well." Supajam

"The most beautiful album since 2010's The Suburbs, by Arcade Fire." Music 411

The Music

"Like a millennial Syd Barrett , Yossarian make music to express a kind of lunacy." NME

Highlights So Far

Field Day Festival 2015 – London. Yossarian played alongside many great acts such as Caribou, Tune Yards and Chet Faker.

Tour of Australia early 2016 - 23 concerts

Tour of Australia and New Zealand late 2016 - 40 concerts

Single 'Arrow 2' used for UNICEF commercial in Spain

Topped the charts of music discovery website Tradiio.

Successfully Crowdfunded their third album set for release in 2017/18

Played Broekrock Festival 2014/16 in Holland.

Single Arrow Part 1 featured on TV show Fiebre Maldini (Spanish Match of the Day) and a feature film on snowboarding by Powderwhore.

In 2013, recorded and launched their crowd-funded debut album ‘The Little We Know’.

Played Hop Farm Festival 2012 alongside British Sea Power and My Morning Jacket after impressing festival organizer Vince Power at a gig in London.

Played Tramlines Festival 2012 & MacMillan Big Mix Festival 2012

Tour Dates

Recent Gigs

January 12th – Melbourne @ Brunswick Hotel, VIC
January 15th – Bendigo @The Music Man, VIC
January 16th – Apollo Bay @ Apollo Bay Hotel, VIC
January 20th – Melbourne @ The Retreat Hotel, VIC
January 23rd – Adelaide @ The Metro, SA
January 26th – Mt Gambier@ Mt Gambier Hotel, SA
January 27th – Warnamboll @ The Loft, VIC
January 30th – Beechworth @ Tanswells, VIC
January 31st- Bright @ The Bright Hotel, VIC
February 5th – Canberra @ The Front, ACT
February 7th – Sydney @ The Vanguard, NSW
February 10th- Port Macquarie @ The Pier Clarence, NSW
February 11th- Coffs Harbour @ The Pier Hotel, QLD
February 12th- Byron Bay @ The Brewery, QLD
February 13th – Brisbane @ Rics, QLD
February 18th- Lismore @ The Tatts Hotel, NSW
February 19th – Bellingen @ The Federal Hotel, NSW
February 20th- Newcastle @ The Lass, NSW
February 26th- North Hobart @ The Homestead, TAS
February 27th- Wynyard @ The Wharf Hotel, TAS
February 28th- Hobart @ The Brisbane Hotel, TAS
March 1st- Melbourne @ Grace Darling, VIC
March 19th- London @ The Sebright Arms, UK
April 1st- Paris @ Le Pop, FR
April 9th- Southampton @ The Hobbit, UK
April 20th- Lohne @ Heinze, GER
April 21st- Berlin @ SAGE Club, GER
April 22nd- Hannover @ Kulturpalast Linden, GER
April 23rd- Leipzig @ Kultur Lounge, GER
April 27th- Munich @ Cord Club, GER
April 30th- Bamberg @ Live Club, GER
May 5th- Inverness @ Hootananny, UK
May 6th- Edinburgh @ Wee Red Bar, UK
May 7th- Falkirk @ Shuffle Down Festival, UK
May 11th- Dundee @ Duffys Bar, UK
May 12th- Perth @ The Green Room, UK
June 10th- Nottingham @ Willow Festival, UK
June 17th- Isla Cristina @ Anfi Rock Festival, ESP
June 22nd- Madrid @ El Intruso, ESP
July 29th- London @ The Monarch, UK
July 30th- London @ Livestock Festival, UK
August 19th - Wigan @ Live at Wigan Festival, UK
September 1st - Paris @ Le Pop In, FR
September 3rd - Holland @ Broekrock Festival, NED
September 7th - Cologne @ Kulturlast, GER
September 9th - Steinfeld @ Steinfeld Bar, GER
September 16th - London @ The Islington


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