Your Guide to Disposable E-Cigs

They say “Smoking cigarettes is like a suicide, it is death in anticipation”. Every time you light a cigarette, your life burns with it. But if you have decided to quit smoking, then kudos to you. It takes a lot of will power, courage and time, but on the long run, you will realize it was one of the best decisions you have ever made.

For heavy smokers, there are a lot of nicotine replacements such as nicotine gums and patches, but in most cases they are just not enough as this nasty habit easily finds its way back.

This is where disposable e-cigarettes come helpful. For those of you who are still looking for your daily dose of nicotine, a disposable e-cig is a healthy alternative which can do the trick.

This type of electronic cigarettes resembles the conventional tobacco cigarettes and it comes in the same flavours – menthol and tobacco. They are an ideal solution for beginners or casual smokers and are rather inexpensive.

  • A disposable e-cig cannot be refilled or reused after the vapor and the battery run out. Therefore, no messy refilling of the tanks and no messy refill bottles laying around. Just open it, inhale the vapor and throw it away after you have used it up. There is basically no hassle other than running to the store to purchase a new one.
  • The construction of a disposable e-cig is very simple: it consists of a non-rechargeable battery which is connected to a LED light on one end and a basic atomizer that is surrounded by a polyfill material saturated with e-liquid on the “filter” end.
  • The greatest thing about this type is their convenience. You do not have to worry about charging and refilling them. But in case you are on a vacation, do not forget to take enough disposable e-cigarettes to cover your trip.
  • Many people are conscientious of the waste we produce, thus disposable e-cig manufacturers made a small contribution to prevent polluting the environment. Disposable does not mean wasteful.
  • These e-cigarettes are more cost-efficient solution than traditional ones because one disposable e-cig lasts approximately the same time as two packs of conventional ones.
  • Disposable electronic cigarettes are easy to find on gas stations, tuck shops and supermarkets.

Stop intoxicating your body and start leading a healthier life. Purchase your own disposable e-cig today. Say goodbye to the ugly odor that cigarettes leave and welcome a healthier and happier life. Stop smoking and start living.