Health Care Restriction

by: Ethan Buescher

     Health care has become a big problem in the united States and other countries around the world. Women are being denied basic health aid such as birth control, cancer screening and abortion care. Why is this okay? Aren't they human too? Shouldn't they have equal right and access to health care as everyone else around them?

     Some older generations are more morally based than more recent generations. Such generations believe in abstinence from sex until after marriage, thus leading them to seeing an unplanned pregnancy as a "punishment" and that the parents should take care and raise their child. In restricting basic health care, communities, organizations, states and leaders are violating Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right. Simply put, one is not guaranteed a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself.

      Protesting and holding "movements" prove quite effective when it comes to human rights. When hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people rally together for one cause, the demands are, more often than not, met. One way to help end this, and many other human rights violations, is to educate those around us and further about these issues. The more voices, the louder the sound. The more likely the governments are to hear our cries. Another way is to bring the violations into the light, make them public. They find it easier to commit these violations in secret and would rather keep it that way than be exposed to the world.

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