Youssry Henien

An Accomplished International Financial Executive

About Youssry Henien

Youssry Henien oversees the work of the board of directors and the CEO of different companies in Middle East and Africa divisions. He orchestrates board activities, sets agendas, chairs meetings, reviews budgets, and establishes policy for the companies. some compaies has a presence in 13 African nations, including South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco, and 9 Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

Before joining BNP, Mr. Henien built a considerable record of accomplishment in financial circles in Egypt and throughout the Persian Gulf. He established Egypt Trust Securities, which became the nation’s fourth largest brokerage company. Additionally, while in Saudi Arabia, he managed a royal family office.

A longtime horse and polo aficionado, Youssry Henien has ties to thoroughbred horse breeder and prominent entrepreneur Mahmoud Fustok. A brother-in-law of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Fustok counted Mr. Henien's father among his most trusted advisors. Learning an appreciation of horses from his father, Youssry Henien passes the tradition to his son Harry. With the goal of promoting polo among Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the Heniens launched the GCC Polo Directory in 2012. Located at, the website highlights polo clubs and events in the Gulf region.

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