YouTube: Unblocked & Unleashed

Jim Holland, Arlington ISD

YouTube as a Viewer

⇰ I can override the web filter block to access YouTube

⇰ I can view a YouTube video in a variety of sizes

⇰ I can show a YouTube video without the distracting ads and extras

⇰ I can mark a YouTube video to watch later

⇰ I can search for YouTube channels

⇰ I can subscribe to YouTube channels

⇰ I can access my playlists, subscriptions, history, and Watch Later lists

⇰ I can change the settings for my YouTube account

YouTube as a Curator

⇰ I can create my own YouTube channel

⇰ I can edit the appearance of my YouTube channel

⇰ I can edit my YouTube channel’s settings

⇰ I can create a new playlist

⇰ I can add videos to a playlist

⇰ I can create a link to a video to share with others

⇰ I can create a link to a video at a specific point in the video

⇰ I can share my playlist URL with others

⇰ I can embed a YouTube video into another website like blogs or Weebly

YouTube as a Creator

⇰ I can upload my own videos to my channel

⇰ I can mark my own video as “private” and “unlisted”

⇰ I can create my own YouTube video from a webcam

⇰ I can create a video of still images uploaded to YouTube

⇰ I can add annotations to my uploaded video

⇰ I can add audio to my uploaded videos using the built-in library

⇰ I can download an audio track from the audio library to use in other projects