You want to work from where?

Dear hiring managers,

In today's world of fluid job descriptions and distributed teams, please take the time to be specific, and openly state that a job is "on-site," "in our (insert location here) offices," and must be worked from a specific place. Alternatively, just add "no telecommuting," or "position cannot be worked remotely." You will save yourself time, your recruiting team time, and you will save me time.

I am an online community manager. This means I work in an online environment, creating, building and managing community for people in various locations around the world who are interested in a particular topic or brand. I have been fortunate enough to do this very same job for companies both large and small for the past 15+ years from my very own home office. I have the discipline to work remotely, and in fact, am willing to bet that I actually put in MORE hours than required because I honestly care for and am passionate about the communities where I choose to work. I do not need to be micromanaged, and regardless of how fast-paced your startup may be, I assure you, I can't think of a situation where I would not be able to handle something immediately.

If you are targeting customers or members who may be located anywhere on the planet, and are looking for a community manager to establish, build and grow that community, why would you ever limit your pool of applicants to those in your zip code? With the availability of such tools as GoToMeeting, Skype, Slack, Trello, etc., there's no lack of opportunity to connect your distributed team in real time no matter where they are located.

More and more companies are realizing that there are actually multiple advantages to having a team spread out over several locations. I could list them all here, but a Swiss guy in San Francisco already did that for me :).

If you are hellbent on limiting your search to your own zip code, and having someone come in to work at your actual physical company location, why would you not specify that in your job description? At the very least, please—PLEASE—if you have an extremely qualified candidate whose LinkedIn profile or resume indicates they live outside of your proposed hiring zone, do *not* schedule an interview without first verifying that the person is open to relocation. The resulting two-minute interview in no way justifies the two days that I spent researching your site, learning about your company vision and culture and brainstorming creative tactics to find, engage and retain your target audience.

Thank you for your attention.

:::stepping down off soapbox::::

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