11/14/2014    #SJSreports
First-ever Spacecraft to Land on a Comet!
By: Emma

This is the Rosetta probe successfully landed on th comet.

          Today, for the first time, a spacecraft landed on a comet. It was called a  "breakthrough moment" in space exploration history because it may change how space researchers collaborate. It was a complicated landing that some experts compared to a bullet hitting another bullet in space! The 220-pound spacecraft spent a decade traveling the 4 billion miles to the comet, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Philae, the lander, is able to send lot of data to the European Space Agency, including the analyses of ice and dust. In the future, it may prove a theory about the origins of life. This theory is that comets provided the Earth with carbon molecules and water 4.6 million years ago.

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This is primary information about Philae's touchdown on 67P comet.

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