Internet Safety

5 Things Of Internet Safety

1.Don't give out any password.

if you give a password out people can get personal information about you, they can also find where you live

People may hack you and probably spread your info to others.

2.Video Games

If your'e using games don't reveal your gender like "ninja boy "a better one is "the gamer".

If using a mic, don't reveal your age .


If someone you don't know messages you don't answer back

Show an adult and leave it up to them.

4.Meeting in person

If someone want's to meet you in person, tell your parents and let them go with you.

If it's someone you know tell your parents and let them know, ask them to take you.

5.Using Internet

If your'e going to use the internet tell your parents and wait till they give you an answer.

Don't use internet a lot cause its the less info you have on social media. If your'e on it a lot the more info there is.

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