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Name: Siva

Directions: Create your own avatar by clicking the button below. Save your avatar to your computer and upload it to this Tackk. Then write a short story about what your avatar does on his or her weekend off from school. The story should be at least three paragraphs long.

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A day at the circus

On the weekend I went to the circus. It was at 300 Princes Highway Pakenham. I went there with my mum and brother.

There was three performances that I liked. One of them was juggling. They juggled sticks on fire, rings and skittles. Another one I liked was the animal tricks. There were cows, ponies, horses, dogs and camels. The other one I liked was aerial motor bike tricks. The person on the motor bike first went on a ramp and then went around the tent while driving on a thin piece of rope.

I enjoyed seeing the circus and hope they come another time.

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