Paul Bunyan

Kevin Terrell

Background Information

Paul Bunyan was a man that was known to be 7 feet tall and very strong.

From research I have found that a man named Venture Smith, a freed slave was the reason for the story of Paul Bunyan

Key Ideas & Details

A. According to Sandburg, What is the origin of the Paul Bunyan stories? According to Sandburg the origin of the Paul Bunyan stories are from the loggers and old people of Wisconsin.B. Interpret: What does Sandburg mean by saying that " Some of Paul is old as hills, young as the alphabet"?  Sandburg means that the story is getting told by different people and they are changing it from the original version

Key Ideas & Details  

Classify: Identify two actions that show that Paul Bunyan is clever as well as strong. Two actions that show Paul Bunyan is clever as well as strong are when he mad a 200 foot deep granite floor for The Seven Axmen to dance and that he could make Lake Superior. Connect: How do these qualities relate to the myths of heroic character? These qualities relate to the myths of a heroic character because he can do more supernatural and non human abilities.

Key Ideas & Details

How does Paul Bunyan stop the rain? Paul Bunyan stops the rain by swimming in Lake Superior into he found a pillar and he "turned" the rain off.  Generalize: What do this anecdote and other details in the selection tell you about life in the Midwest in the early 19th century? These details show me that the Midwest is full of imagination and that they have a story for every thing

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