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Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Argentina is a very big place, with about 1.1 million square miles of room and 40.2 million people living there. Within those miles, Argentina is full of beautiful places and wonderful people. Today, I'm going to show you all some of what Argentina has to offer

A small town in Argentina

Firsts off, lets start with some basic facts about Argentina.

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Basic facts

Perfect, now the fact dump.

1. The official name of Argentina is República Argentina

2. In the entirety of Argentina, their population is 40.2 million

3. The capital of Argentina is named Buenos Aires

4. Their currency is pesos. 1 US dollar is equal to 13.30 dollars

5. The national holiday for Argentina is the 9th of July

There, now we can move onwards. So you know a bit about Argentina, it doesn't mean you want to go there! Well, Argentina has many reasons to visit!

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Anyhoo, lets get back to what Argentina has in store.

If you looked at the photo above and thought 'What is happening there?', I wouldn't blame you. Its uh... something thats for sure. This 'something' is Fuerza Bruta. Its like a mix of a circus and a magic show, with whatever is going on above this as well. Not only is it a great experience for you and anyone who comes, it only costs $20! Here's a trailer of Fuerza Bruta.

Another thing that you need to visit if you are visiting Argentina is the Iguazu Falls. They are absolutely beautiful water falls that I used for the first photo on this Tackk.

Not only is it just beautiful, but it come with a tour and has a hotel nearby with a view, and is a must see for your trip.

Another must see, is the Teatro Colon, its an amazing theatre, with some of the best acoustics this side of the hemisphere. It has a tour you can see, and you desperately should see a show there.

Where is Argentina?

If you were like me, You have no clue where Argentina even is.

Argentina is at the very end of the southern America, this map is focused on Buenos Aires, the capital or Argentina.

Argentina borders around Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay. Argentina's terrain is divided into four main regions: 1) the northern subtropical woodlands and swamps; 2) the heavily wooded slopes of the Andes Mountains in the west; 3) the far south, semiarid and cold Patagonian Plateau; and 4) the temperate region surrounding Buenos Aires.


In Argentina, they have some things that they say or food they eat that is special to them. Here are a few

  • te lo digo posta – I’m telling you seriously / the truth
  • vos sabés – you know (example of Argentinian ‘voseo’ as opposed to “tú sabes” in normal ‘tuteo’ or “vosotros sabéis” in Spain)
  • purrete/pibe/guri – different slang to say child, young person, immature…
  • zarpado – amazing, extraordinary, big

and my personal favorite

  • boludo – a vulgar word for idiot, stupid, good-for-nothing. It is also used affectionately amongst friends and can be used as an affirmation.

That pretty much describes me and my best friends.

As pretty much every place, they have food that few others don't have.

One of them are Choripan. As described by The Latin Kitchen, a bread roll filled with a split grilled sausage, and slathered in the nation’s salsa of choice, a tangy parsley and garlic laced chimichurri.

Another is Empanadas de Carne de Res, again described by The Latin Kitchen, flaky, savory pastry surrounding onion and garlic flavored ground beef

And thats all I have to say! Visiting Argentina was a dream, and I hope that everyone gets a chance to go. ¡Adios!


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