Islam, Judaism, Christianity 🙏🌟

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all worshiped one god, but  then again they all  have their differences. Lets start with Christianity and Judaism, Judaisms bible is called the Torah and the Christians bible is called the Holy Bible , and lastly the Islam's bible is called Quran. Now that we have down there bibles they also have different regions they live in, Judaism comes from Israel,  Christianity comes from Jerusalam and lastly the Islam's come from  Arabia. Other differences are that each of the religions  church owners are called differently. Christianity call there religious leader a priest,  Islam's call  them Imam and Judaism  call them Rabbi. Another uncommon thing they do not have in common is the places they go to pray, the Christians go to a church to pray, the Islams go to a mosque and pray and lastly the Judaism go to what was once a temple but  is now a wall  called the synagogue.  There symbols are also different  the Islams have a moon and star  in there flag, the Judaism have the star of David on there symbol and lastly the Christians have  a cross representing  how Jesus was crusified.

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