Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

ISIS is also known as ISIL
(Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) or IS (Simply Islamic State)

What is it, how long has it been around, where is it located,
and what are its goals?

ISIS is an Islamic Extremist group. They are trying to unite the countries of the Middle East into a Caliphate, or an large area/country where the only religion practiced is Islam. They have been described trying to bring the government back to a seventh century legal system, and also trying to bring on an apocalypse . It's been making a large impact in the Middle east since about 2013, now with quite a large group of followers.

What do they do to accomplish their goals, why does it appeal to some people,
and how do they recruit?

They accomplish their goals by showing public displays of brutality. They use things such as these to try and intimidate their enemies into giving said group what they want. They appeal to people with promises of things like being a hero, claims of protection, they offer things like safe housing and water, along with (for women) a good husband. This is what they use to get some people to want to join their cause. Recruiting people is also different depending on the location. It is presumed that they recruit people in the United States and other North American countries via the internet.

What is the United States' approach on dealing with it?

Currently Obama has not sent any troops into the Middle East. Around 54% of people think that he is wrong for doing this, and 34% think that he is right.  I do not believe that he is going to change his opinion on what he should do in the time he is president, either, because sacrificing many U.S. military men's lives for the rescue of just a few people, especially journalists who know the risk that they are taking, I wouldn't be sending troops either. Good job Obama, I actually think you are right. It would be stupid to send hundred of U.S. soldiers to their deaths fighting for a few people, wouldn't it? Sacrificing hundreds for 10-20 people, seriously. How many deaths to American citizens happen in our own country? How many have happened in theirs? How about we worry about this country first, because obviously it isn't even safe here! This, the area which is supposed to be safe for U.S. citizens. It is hardly a safe haven. Maybe safer than being there, but we still need to worry about ourselves, correct? This country has enough struggles of its own. Let us deal with ourselves before attempting to intervene with them. If we get involved for the 10-20 people there, we will end up sacrificing hundreds of soldiers' lives. Not to mention it would most likely be considered an act of war against them. This would result in us getting attacked by them and all this other stuff. It really isn't a good idea to get involved in the affairs of that area at this time, its really rather simple.

Do you think that they are insane,
or that they actually have
rational reasons?

I do not believe that they are insane. I think that they are far from it, which makes them a rather dangerous enemy. They do things in a really rather efficient manner, gathering troops quickly, eliminating enemies rapidly, and coming closer to accomplishing their original goal. They are smart. They are dangerous. They should not be treated like wild animals, because they are not. They are cold and cunning, extremely dangerous. They should be treated as such. If you think about it, do you see more people who are uneducated in this say that we need to send troops, or are you hearing it from the experts? The answer should be pretty obvious. At least the experts who think that we still should send troops acknowledge the threat of ISIS. Their reasons for doing what they do may be odd, but they are extremely dangerous, and should still be treated as such.

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