Effects of Technolofy

What is the global impact that technology is making on our country?

Technology is making our life styles better than ever. We have the power and the opportunity to create new substances that could help our everyday lives. Our army also can invent new better weapons to defend our country.

What are some changes occurring in businesses that are a result of changing technology

Our new businesses get way more work done that we used too. With all the new equipment it even makes it a safer working environment. Older companies took a long time to deliver messages, now we can do it in a matter of seconds.

What are advantages to the newer technology?

The iPhone started with the three. Now they have advanced to the five. Also they're working on coming out with the six.  Phones used to be basically just for calling, now people can run businesses off of just their phones. Download whatever is needed, check the weather, and are great for emergencies!

When you evaluate the risks and advantages,do they outweigh each other?

No they are pretty even. There are so many good ideas for technology, but could be very harmful, for humanity. Somethings might not even work. Advantages make life easier for us everyday by doing mechanical work that we can just watch happen. Instead of doing manual labor and hurting our bodies.

Why is the global impact on technology changing the world?

Technology has taken over our economy. Everyone uses are has used it in a way. All the countries have access to technology. It makes hard things easier, using an iPhone is like having a little brain in your pocket with all of its information.

What are some of the changes that have happened in the past few years with regards to technology?

Several new phones have been created with much more high tech attributes. The cameras are way better and they made it to where we can give someone a message in seconds. having these advances life as we knew it will never be the same, we will just continue to get better forever.

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