Silver fox

Vulpes vulpes


They are omnivores but prefer meat when they can get it.

3 years in the wild. 12-14 years in captivity

Breeding in captivity:
The silver fox can be bread in captivity. In the wild they naturally breed with foxes of different coat colors but in captivity they're usually bread with the same color coat.

They are cautious, more so than red foxes. They sent mark to show dominance. They are very similar to dogs in behavior.

The fox in general is from Eurasia, but can now be found almost anywhere.

The silver fox can run up to 45 mph
Their young are called kits, and they can be any variation in color from red to grey or even mixed depending on passed family history. A litter ranges from 1 to 14 kits.
You can buy a silver fox kit for $450.00 online

Creation myth of the Achomawi people of California
The silver fox originated as fog which formed at the creation of the earth. The silver fox then turned into a human and created islands and other land forms.

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