Learning to Teach
Day 9: On my own

From the day before, I continued the lecture that we did not get to finish the day before. This time I did not have my host teacher teaching with me, she was not even in the room. Today I was on my own because my host teacher was at a professional development conference . We gone over the day before what the rest of the lecture would be and filled in some of the holes that were there. However, today I was on my own and it was an interesting feeling.

The lecture went well for all my classes ,not as many questions but all classes were well behaved and seemed to be receiving the information well. The one activity that I wanted to do went better than I thought because it had to deal with Free Association. So I gave a list a word and students needed to write down the first thing that came to mind. The list was provided from the textbook, and all answers once I collected the sheets were school appropriate. I then read out randomly picked sheets to the class and we had to analyze why did that person pair up the words and what we could guess about this person overall.

This help to build a relationship with all my classes because I was able to joke about some things and I felt it was good time for the students to get to know myself better. I hope that this has an impact on my relationship and the feel for my class for the future.

The second part of the day I introduced the new stations which all students were very receptive too. My general feel about the stations in all my classes is that they enjoy them and like how they get to do work on there own. For the new stations I clarified the directions more, and I went over each station. The thing that I did differently with this is the 4 station was a partner project. However, I did not let my students choose their partners, I assigned them. The way I did that was pair up students by color( level) and I paired students who were of a lower level with a student of a higher. This was because I felt that it would be beneficial to both students I also felt that the pairs were made logically and that both students will do the work together and not just one person does nothing while the other student did everything. However today was day one, so we will see how this information translates over the weekend back to Monday.

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