Exploration Proposal

By: Arupava Saha

King Phillip III, I believe I can help our economy and our land grow. I am from Iceland but I would rather support Spain. We will leave September 27, 1602. To avoid conflict we will avoid interaction. We will negotiate if necessary. Finally we will have to fight if necessary. This our route. It is great because it is short and we reach land to restock resources quicker. Getting land will help us keep others from getting their own land, causing us to become one of the largest kingdoms of all time.

An amazing reason to giving the money to explore North America is you could be swimming in money as a

While others look for gold, I will look for precious metals.

Of course I will look for gold too.

I will have a sturdy ship and a couple extra smaller boats in case we need to abandon the ship.

Fur is a great resource for upper class clothes, especially for royalty because of the beautiful designs.

Crops will help ensure we will never run out of food

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