Ancient Rome
By: Joe Gallion

It was a dim rainy day, I had just gotten out of school. My name is Joe Gallion i'm eighteen and six feet tall with broad shoulders and dark brown hair. I have blue eyes and a sense of humor. The day was Monday just like every other Monday it sucked. It was one of the longest and most boring days ever. While I was walking there was a man swerving on the wet road. He swerves over to my sidewalk and I run into a alley to dodge the car. While i'm there catching my breath I see something that looks like gold so I walk over to it. Sure enough it was a necklace that had a deep red jewel for a pendant with a solid gold string. I picked it up to inspect when I felt a jolt of electricity run up my arm. I can't move and then I blackout.

I wake up on a cold floor and look around, it looks like i'm in a huge cathedral. I look up and notice a huge hole in the ceiling. Did I fall into that? Then I hear footsteps running toward me. Then two big men in roman guard outfits appear and rush toward me. I am to tired to try and defend myself they instantly grab me and blindfold me. We ride in something for about an hour it feels like. Then they start yelling at me in something that sounds like english but I can't understand fully. Then my necklace glows and their language starts becoming clearer and clearer. Then they're speaking perfect english. They have been telling me to walk this whole time. We eventually stop and then they make me kneel. They then take off the blindfold. I am kneeling in front of a man a woman and a teenage girl. The teenage girl looks just like the woman and immediately I can infer that they are husband and wife with a daughter. They tell me to state where i'm from and what I intend to do here. I tell them my name is Joe Gallion and that i'm from Yadkinville, North Carolina. They say they have never heard of the place and then realize i’m in ancient Rome. This is the ruler Alexander the great! We just had a test on ancient Rome in social studies.

I tell him that I come from a distant future with advanced technology. He forces me to show him something from the future I then realize that my Iphone is in my pocket. I pull the Iphone out of my pocket and walk toward him to show him the technology. He then orders his guards to seize me and destroy the weapon. They take my Iphone and throw it on the ground and step on it. Alexander orders me to the dungeon. I wait there for hours on end then the daughter appears and hands me some bread. I am starving by now and gladly take the bread and eat. I tell her thank you and ask for her name. She tells me that her name is Leah. She tells me that tomorrow in the morning I will be thrown into a arena with other men and I have to survive the day and I have to survive a week and I will be granted freedom.

It's morning now and the faint light hit my eye and it burns. I hear the gate open and the guard comes and tells me to get up and get ready to fight. The necklace is still around my neck. It still is glowing a faint red light. The guard comes back in five minutes. He opens the gate and tells me to walk. I'm walking toward what seems to be a thirty foot tall gate. I hear crowds screaming and cheering awaiting me. I am scared and I don't know what faces me on the other side. Then the gate opens and I see many other gates open and men as tall and big as trees. I am a lot shorter than them but more muscular. They seem to be tall, slender, in shape, and skilled with weapons. They hand me a shield and a sword. Then the door closes behind me and the crowds go silent. Alexander the Great yells "Warriors, survive each other and the last man standing goes onto the next day. If you survive for seven days in this arena then I will grant you freedom and 2 million dollars worth of gold. You may begin." I stand back watching as the men start to fight instantly six men fall dead. There is six men left including me. The two men are injured and they die in another minute. Now there is four of us. Two of the men start to fight and the third is heading for me. My necklace glows as he gets closer and closer. Then I attack him without thinking and to my surprise I am keeping up with him if not exceeding. He lunges at me and I dodge and then I take a jab and hit him right in the abdomen he falls to his knees. He is spitting up blood and he begs me to kill him so, I kill him swiftly and painlessly. The winner from the other duel starts to charge towards me and I pick up the mans sword that I had just killed and threw it as hard as I could. The charging man drops to the ground with the sword lodged in his skull. The crowd erupts and I survive the day.

The other five days are nothing its just the same thing over and over. The princess visited my chamber every night and brought me food and asked questions about the future. We became close friends.I've won each day and now this is the seventh day. It should just be the same but something feels different about this day. The guard wakes me up and says if you survive then I will be granted freedom and 2 million dollars. I'm standing at the gates and the crowd is silent. When they open the doors there is no other men it's just me. I'm waiting for the other men but nothing happens. Then Alexander yells "Joe you have survived for six days and now you face the ultimate challenge. You will face the the Nemean Lion this lion was killed by Hercules 100 years ago but this is its offspring. If you succeed in killing this lion you will be granted freedom and 2 million dollars. Good luck and may the gods be with you." They open the door and the lion lunges out with its claws out and teeth bared. It smells the air and then spots me they hand me a shield and a large club. I read about this lion in history class its fur is impenetrable. Hercules staggered it with a club and then strangled it too death. I don't know if I can do that though. It charges at me and I dodge it but it is very quick and strike again this time it claws scratches me in the chest. It stings and my necklace glows red and the scratch is gone and I feel stronger. The lion lunges at me and pins me on the ground I stick my club in its mouth so it can't bite me. I push as hard as I can and break the lion's jaw. It staggers back and roars in pain. At this time I run an tackle the beast I am now on its back and I grab a hold of its head so I am not thrown off. I then grab its neck and pull from opposite sides I hear a lot crack sound and the lions falls to the ground. I pick the lion up and show everyone that I defeated the ultimate beast.

The princess runs down and congratulates me on my victory. She says to me "Are you going back to your family in the future now?" I tell her no since my brothers and my parents died in a car accident. I was the only one who survived and I now live in a foster home. I told her that i'm going to use my 2 million dollars and buy a home near the palace. She then asks me about my necklace. She asked where I found the Jewel of Hercules. I ask what the Jewel of Hercules is and she says that when Hercules died he wanted his wife to take a drop of his blood and dip a ruby in it. The stone in the necklace gives the wielder his strength. But, the only people that can wear it is the bloodline of Hercules. She tells me that I must be a distant family of Hercules and that I need to keep the necklace. So Alexander congratulates me on winning and lets me go and gives me the 2,000 dollars and I buy a house near the palace. Me and the Leah keep hanging out more and more everyday. When Alexander passed away Leah asked me to come to his burial ritual. By the time Alexander has passed I am 25 and now married to Leah. I now rule over Rome and my kingdom is great. The necklace of Hercules still lies around my neck to this very day.