Latest Trends for Fresh Body Painting

Body painting is becoming the popular form of body art. There can be any number of occasions when you want to use body paint. Whether you are cheering for your favorite team or watching a live parade, body painting is a good way to perfectly suit the occasion. Some people enjoy body painting just for fun while some prefer body painting to look exceptional. Today, lovers of art are turning to a variety of interesting trends with modest designs of body painting. We Love Face Painting Melbourne specialise in the arena of body painting, face painting, feather extensions and lots more. We provide exciting design and ensure that your event works out to be a huge success for you.

We are a leading provider of body paint in Melbourne. Our entertainers have many years of experience in the industry and they pay detailed attention to each thing. Though body painting was used for different ceremonies, it is now also used as a form of artistic expression and commercial purposes. Body painting can be done on entire body or some specific parts of the body. As the interest in body painting is increasing, it is becoming more popular irrespective of the age, gender, or financial background. We provide the most competitive prices for services of body paint in Melbourne.

Our professional body painters perform body painting in various forms. You can use it as a part of corporate promotion service, party service, personal living art as well as maternity belly painting service. We incorporate stencils into the design and this helps to reduce the time taken in Body Paint Melbourne. The feature that makes our body painting apart from other providers is that we only use professional non-toxic skin safe body paint. You can easily remove paint with soap and water after the event is done. We also provide removal kit for safe removal of body paint. The trends in body painting will continue to evolve and become more expressive. Please feel free to contact us for any queries or special paint needs. For more details, please browse through