We went to San diego Califonia! We had so much fun here we went shopping, celebrated Christmas there, paddle boarding and even my favorite boogie boarding!

Over Winter break I went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. we went on all the rides imaginable. I got to spend lots of time with my family and had a lot of fun with all of the characters. We took lots of pictures to remeber the great day! Every year we go there for the tradition.

#Tb when my dog was cute

The best part of the year was my new dog! He is a german short haired pointer. He is quite a pest though but we still love him. The thing that makes him special is that his birthday is on valentines day and he has a heart on his side.

This Year I got to do plenty of activities! Some of the activities i got really intrested in. Some of the activities. Some activities i have played this Year are Piano,Volleyball, guitar and soon to be is softball!. One of my favorites was volleyball it was a really fun experience. Another one would be volenteering

This year my favorite song came out i listen to it almost everyday and will continue to listen to it everyday

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