Karlie Musich

My name is Karlie Musich, and I am 14 years old.  I am with my dad's side of the family in this picture.  It was taken in April outside of my grandfather's restaurant, Hyatt's Old Fashioned Restaurant, in the West Erie Plaza.  Two of our families are from Pennsylvania, one is from Florida, and the other is from West Virginia.  We had to attend my grandpa's funeral.

3 Interesting Things


I am very involved with cheer leading and tumbling.  I have been cheering for the school since I was in seventh grade, but have been cheering for the rec board since I was in kindergarten.  I have been tumbling at Erie Gymnastics Center since I was in fifth grade, and I am now working on my full.  I just beat my old record of twelve back handsprings in a row. I can now do thirteen.

Type 1 Diabetes

When I was seven years old, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  I was hospitalized for a week, and was slammed with a bunch of new information.  I met fifteen different doctors that told me different things about the disease.  There is currently no cure for it.


Even though I am diabetic, I still love candy and sugar.  My two favorite candies are Sour Patch Kids and Tootsie Fruit Rolls.  I am still allowed to consume these kinds of things, I just have to make sure I count the carbohydrates and take insulin.


I don't have many large goals to look forward to, but I do have one that is important to me. By the end of my high school cheer leading career, I would like to be able to do my round off handspring full. I will try to accomplish this goal by paying close attention to what my coach tells me, watching my form, and working hard at tumbling. Another goal that I have is to help lead my team to victory this upcoming competition season. I will accomplish this goal by helping out my captains, following my coaches directions, and going full-out when we practice. One last goal that I have is to get a hyper extended toe touch. In order to accomplish this goal, I will stretch every day, practice my jumps using ankle weights, and take constructive criticism from my teammates.

I would love to go to...

I would love to travel to Paris, France.  I would want to visit the Louvre and the Eiffel Tour while I am there.  My only problem with going there is that I have never been on a plane, and I'm nervous about going on one for the first time.

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