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We did sit in a comfortable way because we were going to do it for 15 min and sit straight because we were going to take deep breathe and if your not comfortable the way your sitting your not going to be relaxed and thats the whole point of meditation when you get back up your going to feel so relaxed of what you did and your going to feel so sleepy and your going to feel your legs and arms heavy and relaxed.

Before i started i felt that it was not going to make me feel sleepy and was not going to feel relaxed but when we started i was getting into the meditation thing and i was feeling sleepy after a while and i felt relaxed i liked doing the meditation i felt like not getting up i felt tired and sleepy i was trying to go to sleep and my math class and i kept getting sleepy and when i went home i was knocked out in my room in when i woke up it was kind of dark outside i only got to go outside for 15 min because it got dark.

Meditation- I a quiet place and getting relaxed.

Mantra- is a praying meditation word.

Deep breathing- breathing long breaths to get calm.

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