in session 1 we lerned about SAM and how to program SAM. We programed SAM to pick up and object and move it to the other side of SAMs platform.

Session 2

in session 2 we learned how to program SAM the way we wanted to. and then we ran it to see if it turned out right.

Session 3

in session 3 we learned how to program the NXT block.We downloaded a program the makes the touch censor if you press on it then the lights light up.

Session 4

in session 4 we learned how an ultrasonic sensor functions.and create a program using it.

Session 5

in session 5 we programed the NXT brick and used the sound and the site sensor together.

Session 6

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Session 7

in session 7 we did the post test and learned how to pick up the red and blur balls with the NXT brick.

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