mLearning Apps: iPad Compatible

For the K-12 Student


Socrative is a system which allows for immediate feedback to teachers as students work on questions that have been posed to them. It's accessible via iPhone, iPad, computer and a huge range of cellular devices. Bonus the answers students give are recorded by the software wherein the class can review their answers.

In class this can specifically be used in an instance of group work. The teacher posts key questions they want their students to examine thoroughly, and the groups use a device of their choosing to respond with their answers. Once all the groups have finished, and/or the allotted time has come to a close the class will be able to review everyone's answers and engage in a greater classroom discussion to either further clarify their understanding (should the teacher feel that's necessary) or to delve deeper into the issues.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a tool which can be used by students and teachers alike. It is a polling device wherein a question is asked and students can use their mobile devices, iPads, computers to respond with their opinions. Their opinions can be recorded in many ways including multiple choice, using a spectrum, inputting their own answers, etc it's just dependant on what the poll creator set for how they want their answers received.

In a classroom this would be an excellent tool if you want to examine previously held opinions of your students before you delve into a social studies unit on World View or stereotyping. You could ask a series of questions which would help to examine the opinions of the class before you engage them in challenging their assumptions and understandings. For example you could ask a series of "On a scale of 1-10 (ten being the funniest and one being not funny at all) how funny are blonde jokes" and then exchange them for different topics. This is a great way to engage the class without students feeling like their personal answer will be judged or ridiculed - though as the teacher also having the control to go in and see who answered what where.


This app is available for the iPad, and iPhone. It allows students an opportunity to go through a virtual dissection of a frog.

In class this is an excellent way to encourage further learning past the textbook in a science class. This app really would allow students to have a hands on 3D look at the biology of a frog without having to put up with the smell, feel, and generally unpleasant/messy process that is dissecting a frog. This may not replace the practice of dissection, but it would make it so that younger junior high students may have a smooth entry into advanced biology preparing them for future opportunities for dissection experiments.


Audio boo is an app which allows users to record audio files and upload them to the web.

In a classroom it would be valuable to provide a different opportunity for students to express themselves. Instead of merely getting students to give the class a talk for a book report we could provide the option of having students (who may be not interested in public speaking) to make an audio file and share that with the class instead of forcing them to stand alone to deliver their report.

Google Docs/Drive

Google docs, and google drive are part of the Google suite which allow for students to engage with others and save their work on multiple devices including but not limited to both computer, and iPad use.

In class we can consider a google doc as a tool for group exchange. It offers opportunities for numerous people to discuss things, work on projects, and examine classroom topics both in class and out of class. There is an added benefit that if the google doc is controlled by the teacher we can also see student progress. It offers opportunities for asynchronous learning, group learning, and brining multiple devices into the class.  

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