Many May Lose ObamaCare Coverage Because of Missing Paperwork

Janie Cai

The Los Angeles Times: Civilians line up to receive ObamaCare.

ObamaCare is a free healthcare service provided by the federal government for those making a wage of $98,000 as a household for a family of four.

On the fifteenth of September in 2014, the Obama administration announced consumers without confirmed citizenship or immigration status risked losing some, or even all, of the benefits of health insurance. The government warns users that they may even have to repay the loans the Obama administration gave them because of their income and wealth status.

1,748,000 using ObamaCare had missing income or legal status and were cleared, but 363,000 of the consumers still remain. However, 115,000 people may be cut from the coverage. The administration failed to mention the outcome of the clearing from those who were previously under inspection. ObamaCare serves about eight million of the population, and while the number may seem small in comparison, the effect could be extremely threatening to those dependent on the healthcare.

This article and topic relates to opportunity and rights.

Poverty continues to stand as one of the most major problems in America. When families in need finally have the opportunity to have a basic right, some are now being denied the prospect of being healthy perhaps because of legal reasons beyond their control. Civilians and citizens, even if they are innocent, may be too afraid of the strict consequences to give out the information. The government needs to carefully consider certain cases, especially ones dealing with immigration, before taking away their chance to finally receive one of their most basic privileges.

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