Our Top 5 Enemies In Life


Fear is our worst enemy, we all try to get rid of it. I believe that the only way out is through. Fear is the main source of cruelty. It is a great teacher but we don't want it to control our lives, or else our life will worth nothing. For example, when I first learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, I was really afraid. I didn't want to fall. but sometime later on, I became determined and eager to ride the bike and I got over that fear. I like Hunter S.Thompson's quote that said," I understand that fear is my friend,but not always. Never turn your back on fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed."


Some people think that addiction has to be related to drugs or alcohols only. We are all addicted to something. Some people are addicted to the Internet.Some are addicted to cigarettes and others are addicted to food. I am addicted to chocolate but that doesn't mean that chocolate is my life. Getting addicted to something is good for example reading a book or doing your homework but getting too addicted isn't good. Wasting your whole life on one unnecessary thing  and forgetting about other important aspects in your life. For instance, sitting in front of your laptop day and night on tumblr, Facebook and Twitter is a waste. We have to balance stuff in our life, by sitting with our family for some time. We have to maintain the aspect of spending time with friends and having faith, and neglect such ADDICTION.   

3)Interference In People's Life

A lot of people asked me how is interference in others lives our enemy. Well, it is, it makes us embarrass and hurt the person you are talking to without paying attention. For instance, telling somebody that he/she have worn the same t-shirt over the last months. Maybe his/her parents can't afford to buy him/her another shirt or the person that gave him/her the shirt has passed away and he/she loved that person so much. You don't have to know everything. Or even asking a married couple about the reason they didn't get a baby yet. Why do you care? Maybe they are preparing to take a master degree and getting a child at the time won't be a great idea.


Laziness is sometimes good and bad.Sometimes you have to take the good out of it and the bad. Being lazy is good," All the advances in technology come from laziness: we drive cars instead of walking we use washing machines instead of doing it by hand, we use computers instead of writing by hand," said Leo Babauta, the author of The Power of Less. He also said that lazy people don't start wars. On the other hand, It is a bad thing. Being lazy in school means you won't seek for help in school work which will lead to an unsuccessful future and an unwanted career.


Selfishness is simply defined as wanting to own everything. Well at this point, I don't think that anybody thinks that selfishness is a good thing. if somebody is selfish he will harm himself, his house, and his community. From my point of view, I think that Selfishness always follows fear. As it always ends up with committing suicide. The simplest example of selfishness is having a lot of non-used clothes that doesn't even fit you, but you don't want to donate it. Honestly, there are tons of examples and there are lots of solutions that can help us out. The first and most important step is to try to be humble and save our community.

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