Lin Fen

The Shanxi region is the heart of China's enormous coal industry, producing about 2/3 of Chinas energy. Within even this highly polluted region, Lin Fen is notorious for being incredibly polluted, with some occupants claiming that they literally choke on the sheer amount of coal dust in Lin Fens air.

With the industrial focus of the city creating much pollution, people in Lin Fen have a life expectancy 10 years less than the average of China as a whole; according to, many people die from respiratory complications thanks to the heavy amounts of coal dust and other non-breathable substances in the air.

As related to my topic, how the City environments and lifestyles may also affect the lifespan and health of the areas occupants, Lin Fen seems to be hopeless; there are little motivations for going through the hum drums of life in such a depressing environment. As such, combined with the stress and belief of the pollution and hopelessness of the situation, as well as combined with a dislike for the city may actually cause people to die prematurely, as compared to if they had a greater motivation to live, since Lin Fen isn't a good environment for accommodating simple outdoor hobbies like just walking in a park.  

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