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The Scenario of Yarn manufacturing and yarn manufacturers in India

When it comes to yarn, its industry has been considered as one of the oldest and the biggest industries in the world. The best thing about yarn is that it is used to manufacture different types of fabrics for different types of uses across the world. The most widely used fabric across the world is cotton. As far as spin technologies are concerned, there are primarily two available, first and primary is Ring Spun while another one is Open End. There is no dearth of melange cotton yarn as they come for different uses and applications such as 100% cotton compact yarn, 100% organic cotton yarns, and 100% cotton mercerized yarns etc.

To cater to the huge demand of textile industry, yarn manufacturers in India use advanced manufacturing technology to deliver fine quality cotton yarn for further usage. The manufacturing process is quite complex and transforming raw cotton into fabric consists of various stages. Primarily ring spun yarns are employed for manufacturing top quality clothing, bed linens, bed sheets, bed spreads; pillow covers etc., while open end yarns are used for producing denim wear, towels, etc. This is very much similar to treating different diseases with different medicines. Like a wrong medicine can prove hazardous for the heath of a patient, in a similar way a wrong choice of yarn can result in the manufacture of the wrong type of fabric or clothing.

The most distinguishing factor of the yarns is their count. A large number of yarn manufacturers in India use different counts to produce different types of fabrics. In few cases, the cotton yarn is combined with some other yarn in varying ratios to experience different effects like shining or to get more elasticity to the yarn. It is the yarn count and the twisting technique of the yarn that typically decides the overall strength and appearance of the final fabric manufactured. 100% cotton compact yarn and 100% cotton mercerized yarns have less hairiness and the fabric made out of them tends to be of superior quality are is used for manufacturing luxury clothing and bedding. The manufacturing of yarn and technique plays a pivotal role in giving direction to the textile industry in India. With the advancement in manufacturing technologies and globalization, manufacturers are now able to deliver fine quality yarn to fabric manufacturers in India and abroad. The textile industry has refined complex structure with woven sector on one hand and sophisticated sector, capital intensive on other end.