The Red Lynx

By: Allison T.


Your probably wondering what a red lynx is, well it’s only a fancy way of saying bobcat. The bobcat is the cousin of the lynx. ( see definition in the Word bank at the end, bold only) That’s where they get their name the red lynx!


The name bobcat comes from their bobbed tails. Their fur color is mostly tan and red with black spots. They have a small brown mane.


Bobcats live in dens that are located in places like rocky terrains, forests and grassy lands. In dens they hide from humans and predators.


The bobcats eat animals like small birds, mice, rabbit, etc. They also eat some fish but not very often. They almost always eat small animals.


This is fact I guess you don’t know, bobcats are predators to themselves. Another few predators are the mountain lion, the coyote, and more that I’m not going to name. One other Predator is human. Bobcats have nice fur to put on coats.

Fun Facts

If you see a bobcat in the wild consider yourself lucky, bobcats are rare in the wild. If you do don’t touch it it’s a wild animal and will bit you no matter how cute and fluffy it is. Remember the bobcat’s real name is red lynx.

Word box

Bobbed tail- short tail

Cousin- kid of your aunt and uncle

Terrains- hard place to walk one example is a rocky terrain

Mane- extra fur like a lion