My interest

  1. football
  2. soccer
  3. playing in a band


My greatest skills
1. Driving
2. editing
3. leading

learning style


true colors
1. designing
2. analyzing
3. thinking

1. problem 2. solver cool,calm,collected  
3. pushes boundaries

green and orange.

I enjoy working mainly with people ,My favorite school subject is cthei ,My highest work values are.
1. Achievement(24)
2. Recognition(20)
3. Independence(19)

I like to achieve my goal and I like to be recognize for famous stuff.I like to play sports(soccer & football).I am a drummer that is in a band that my friend made up and we still have along way to go.I can drive from Arlington to forth worth.I like to do stunts and I like to learn new things.I have always did stunts scene I was little I would jump off my roof and land on my trampoline.I like to edit stuff to make things better.

I like to do things with my hands and i like to make people good with whatever I do.I want to be that person that little kids want to look up to and say “I want to be like him.”I like to lead a groups and want them to feel equal and not mad.I like to be on my feet and active everyday and I want to enjoy my work.

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