Mr. Davey's US History Classes -
Create A Media Product-
A Powerpoint Slideshow or
• A Screencast or
• A Tackk (what you are looking at is a tackk)
• If you have time to do much of it outside of iMovie

Your "media" product should tell a story AND make a point.  You have researched an event from the Revolutionary War - hopefully you have started to "become an expert". Now...take that research and tell the story.  Create something that explains what happened in the event you researched.  Include pictures, explanations, text, etc - use what you need to tell what happened and to share your view on the topic. (Your view should come from your thesis statement!)  

In your product, be sure to:

1. Accurately place your event on the timeline of the American Revolutionary War.  The timeline is available...

2. Explain the story in some way, answer "What happened?" - highlight the major "parts of the story"

3. Introduce and explain the actions of the most important people involved in the event

4. If you and explain a map that helps the viewer understand what happened

5. Introduce and analyze at least 1 primary source related to this event.

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