Arksego Nigeria Limited - Manned Guarding Services

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a security service provider company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Nigerian owned and founded in 1980, Arksego was initially created as a security risk management company. Now they employ over 6,000 people, provide multiple services to a wide variety of clients, and have regional headquarters located in Abjua, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Ibadan, Warri, Kano, Maiduguri, and Jos.

Arksego’s major client base comes from the oil and gas field, banking, telecommunications, other commercial sectors, and government organizations. Arksego Nigeria Unlimited offers security services to private individuals, public officials, government agencies, and businesses. Most of Arksego’s clients require security services because they have assets or employees who are high risk or are in high-risk environments. To meet their clients needs Arksego is open-minded enough to ask for the expertise and experience of other international security services as best to serve their international clientele. In doing so, Arksego is always evolving, developing and administrating security systems and plans that far exceed the expectations of their clients.

One service that Arksego Nigeria Limited offers is the use of Manned Guarding Services. Arksego can offer mobile and foot patrols for static guarding, access control purposes, crowd control, facility protection services, and vehicle and personal searching needs. The manpower that Arksego provides is all ingrained with Arksego’s company values as to ensure proper security service. All employees working with clients will convey trust, integrity, selfless service, self-development, and show value and appreciation towards the partnership that Arksego has with their clients.

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