How To Get The Best From Your Responsibilities As A Product Manager

Product management is a tough job and it requires some of the best brains in the establishment to deliver the desired results. Tactical coordination is a big responsibility and it takes away much of the work hours of the managers who continuously think of ways to get this right. It is much more than strategy oriented responsibility, which one initially expects to encompass a gamut of other responsibilities.

How can you become a successful manager? What are the circumstances, which will determine, define, and affect your effectiveness?

Working as a project manager

The role of a project manager is similar to that of orchestra conductor for better understanding where the symphony is the product in this case. You yourself do not need to say or play the instrument but coordinate with all the other players and singers to keep them in tune. While there is no defined script before you but it is important for you to bring all the associated functions together for ensuring product success. Market research will provide customer insights, engineers will build the product itself, and your supply chain will bring it to the end users. Besides this, you also need to depend upon your sales people for effective selling of the product. Product management consulting can help you in honing your skills and improve your job as the manager.

It is important to identify the impediments

Tactical short-term focus, organizational barriers, unclear responsibilities, roles, poorly defined job descriptions, and absence of any formal training are the main culprits. These will hamper your capabilities to get on with the job effectively and produce results for your company. Insufficient communication hampers effective coordination and the result is poor output and decreased performance. Organizational barriers and silos also create unnecessary roadblocks restricting the performance of the managers. This in turn will affect responsibilities, roles, competencies and knowledge. In order to become a successful product manager you need to have strategic thinking abilities along with in-depth customer knowledge above everything else.

When it comes to influence over advertising, channel selection or corporate branding, managers hold little influence on the proceedings. Their main strength lies in defining the product specifications, product positioning and finally its launch. Increase in the authority may improve the performance. For now however, effective product management training can help them to learn all about influencing without being in power. A successful manager will spend 20% to 25% of time with customers to understand their needs thoroughly. In order to succeed, a manager has to take on leadership roles.

Proving your capabilities to be counted

As a product manager, you need to prove your capabilities and importance in roles other than those specifically expected from you continuously. This will increase your influence on the overall product life cycle and improve your credibility in the organization. Gaining of power is expertise based and you need to take practical steps for enhancing your knowledge.

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