how to be safe online by JACKSON DOWDING

1.Dont meet up

*Unless you know them in real life don't meet with people on the internet.

*Don't want to be kidnapped do you?


*If your are hesitant to send something even 1% don't do it its simply not worth it.

*Once its out there it can never be deleted EVER.  

3.Tell an adult

*If something is said about you on the interweb's tell a adult.

*They will help you solve the problem or remove it from the internet.


*Keep your profile private whenever you can and only accept REAL friends (or parents but thats weird right)

*people can see everything you post even if you don't want them to when your profile is not private so keep it private

5.Tell your parent

*Your parents should know what your posting so dont post bad stuff it can and will be seen

*Everything stays on the net it can never be deleted so watch what your posting.

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