Casio Tough Protrek Solar Power Watches –Built to Last a Lifetime

The Casio Tough Protrek Solar Power Watches, as the caption suggests, are a tough and rugged timepiece. Casio Pro-trek series of timepieces offer multiple features that are particularly useful to the international traveler as well as outdoor adventure lovers. These are solar powered watches that keep perfect time and are excellent for rugged, outdoor use.

All Casio protrek solar Power watch have an LCD display that makes it easy to tell the time. In addition, the watches are equipped with a Casio’s Triple Sensor System which can measure temperature, pressure and also tell you the direction. The Casio Pro-trek watch collection offers a variety of watch models with different combinations. A compass, thermometer, barometer and altimeter besides a count down timer, stopwatch and world time feature make it a neat piece to own especially if you love the great outdoors. Alarms and hourly time signal is another feature that proves useful when you are outdoors.

For the international traveler, the Protrek Wrist watches are an useful tool showing accurate time for thirty cities in 29 different time zones. All the wearer needs to do is to push various buttons to display the world time while retaining the home time in display window at the bottom of the watch face. And, talking of buttons, the Casio Protrek Solar watch has large buttons that can be easily operated even while wearing gloves. Other features include on/off daylight saving time and standard time.

The strong crystal face of the citizen perpetual calendar watch can take the jolts and shocks that come with adventure sports. Not even hitting the watch on a hard surface can cause scratches to the watch lens. The stainless steel case only adds to the strength of this hardy watch. Truly, the Casio Tough Protrek Solar Power Watch is a solid timepiece that is durable, functional, well designed and looks good too.

Citizen perpetual calendar watch have an auto-luminescence feature meaning the face of the watch is lighted up as soon as you turn the wrist to see the time. A comfortable strap fits the watch snugly to the wrist. Depending on the model of the Casio Protrek watch, the band material can be rubber composite, titanium or steel.

Using the multiple functions and features of Casio Tough Protrek Solar Power Watches might pose a challenge, especially if you don’t have the manual handy. However, once you get to know the operation, the Casio Tough Protrek Solar Power proves to be a functional timepiece, well worth the price you paid. Being solar powered makes the watch environment friendly as you never have to discard the battery to replace it with a new one. That’s another good reason to have this tough watch in your collection.