Thomas Edison


                                                                Early life

Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847. He was the youngest of seven children. Thomas went to school for three months until his mother pulled him from his school and home schooled him. She did this because his teacher thought he was “addle”. His first job was a paperboy on a train. Then in he a baggage car Thomas founded a paper, Its name was the Grand Trunk Herald . During an experiment on the train he had started a chemical fire. It was an accident but the conductor rushed in and struck Thomas on the ear furthering his hearing loss. He saved a three year old from being squashed by a 14 years old he had contracted scarlet fever.

                                                             Major illnesses

Thomas did not talk until he was 5 years of age. When he first joined school schoolteachers said he was to hyper in class. This caused a strain between his mother and his school. In 1855 he was pulled out because his teacher thought he was stupid! But during a young age Thomas had many ear infections that had gone untreated. Those infection might have helped cause his deafness. When he was young he also caused a chemical fire on a train, the conductor rushed in and slapped him across the ear also increasing deafness. Then at the age of 14 he contracted scarlet fever. Thomas had lots of illnesses, bet he still became one of the best inverters.


Did you know we could enjoy a good movie because of Thomas Edison? The invention that brought world fame to him was built in 1877,was his phonograph. Also another invention built in 1877 was the movie camera. In 1883 Thomas helped electricity go public. In 1900 Thomas invented the Re-chargeable battery. He also had 1093 patents for his inventions. In 1928 our congress gave him the “congressional Gold medal” He was also rewarded him the “Honor excellence in new product and innovation” this is a high honor for inventors.


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