Are Freemason And The Illuminati The Same Thing????? <('_')>

Jasmine Shantelle

Freemason -is a member of a widely distributed secret order which contains a brotherly love among the members. Illuminati -person possessing or claiming to possess, superior enlightenment.



What-fraternal organization which provides brotherly love


Where-London, England

Why-it was created for a brother hood purpose , to create an equal society



Who-Mayer Amschel Rothschild(Idea man) Adam Weishaup(creator)

What-a secret organization of the most POWERFUL and IGNORANT people in the world

When-18th  Century


Why-to give ignorant people joy in having control over peoples lives, to try and create a "NEW" world



-highly secretive

-they result in societies in which people are open

-don't want people to be afraid of consequences if they felt they were right


Freemasons does charity work while the illuminati sacrifice people<{'0'}>

Illuminati list of those who are responsible for others sacrifice.....

Those who are responsible             Those who were sacrificed

Damon Dash                                        Aaliyah

Suge Knight                                         Tupac

Usher                                                   Father and his Son  

Jay-Z                                                  His Nephew    

Brady Norwood                                 Whitney Houston

Jackson Family                              ( K.O.P )Michael Jackson

Louis Farrakhan                            Malcom X

Lil Wayne                                        Father and Static Major

Jennifer Hudson                              Her Family

These are sick individuals Beyoncé isn't present on my list neither is Rhianna but they sick tooo. To end this presentation with the answer to my question No the illuminati and freemasons aren't the same .But which group has the most power????<['0']>

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3 years ago

By Jazzy (Jasmine Shantelle)

3 years ago

I never put two and two together till now. thank you for opening my eyes to the truth.

2 years ago

Whitney Houston was the best